Pretty Don't




MEGHAN SALETTA is fueled by the power of words. Her refreshing pop music entices listeners with raw, thoughtful lyrics, catchy melodies and her signature ethereal vocals. 

Her latest single, Pretty Don’t is an upbeat summer anthem that speaks to the emptiness of our society’s obsession with looks and the temptation to seek validation on social media platforms like Instagram. 

“I wrote Pretty Don’t during a dark season when was I was over-focused on looking pretty all the time,” Saletta explains. “Sitting there with my guitar, I started to really process how colorless my life had felt lately and how hungry I still was for affirmation from the outside world.”

 “I think we subconsciously believe that if we strive to enhance our image in real life or on social media, that our lives will magically improve or change…that we’ll get the guy, avoid any criticism and live this happy, shiny existence,” Saletta elaborates, ‘when what we ultimately get is a reality check: we aren’t our looks or our likes on Instagram, we’re just normal people.  And the real nourishment we’re seeking comes from completely different sources: self-acceptance, authentic connection, & enjoying the present moment, to name a few. Living into this requires giving ourselves permission to be our imperfect, messy true selves…and there’s so much freedom in that.”

“This isn’t an anti-Instagram song, an anti-pretty girl song or anti-anything song,” Saletta explains. “#Pretty Don’t is a movement that invites you to free yourself to be yourself, whatever that means for you. It’s about stepping into your power and owning your boldest self.”

A Chicago native, Saletta graduated from Belmont University in Nashville with a BA in Songwriting. She released her latest EP “Afterglow” in 2019, along with her debut album, "Dreaming" in 2016, EP “Reminded” in 2012 and singles “I’ll Love You" (2013) and “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and You" (2014). Her song, “Safe + Sound” was featured in the independent film Texas Rein (2016).  

Fun fact: When she’s not furiously typing song lyrics in the notes section of her iPhone, you can find Meghan indulging in a personal box of Domino’s cheesy bread paired with a fat glass of Cab. 



by Meghan Saletta